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We love our work here at Haircare Research Group.

We are dedicated to creating the highest quality haircare products for use in salon and at home.

We take great pride in our work and respect the fact that our customers are discerning individuals who expect the very best results from their products.

Let’s face it, everyone wants their hair to look fantastic and when it does and you receive compliments, it makes you feel great.

‘If your hair looks good you feel great!’

keratin 10 group

Our superb Keratin 10 range has quickly established itself as a massive favourite with our customers because it delivers outstanding performance. 

It’s the range our stylists choose more than any other and every day our salon is filled with that fantastic signature coconut and lime fragrance.

Our Stylists are actively involved in the creation of every product we sell, working closely with our Development Chemists to ensure that the on-head performance of each product satisfies the most demanding standards.